How To Remove Fake Tan Easily At Home

You can wait for the fake tan to fade away naturally or try these quick and easy tips to remove it as quickly as possible.

1. Use A Fake Tan Remover

This is the first (and the most important) way to remove your tan. Step into the shower and apply generous amounts of the tan removal liquid on dry skin and wait for 30 seconds before gently rubbing the skin with your exfoliating mitt. This is the best way to get rid of a stubborn fake tan. You can use fake tan remover on the face, body, hands, and feet. Repeat if necessary.

2. Exfoliate

Take a shower and then use an exfoliating body scrub. This helps remove dead skin cells from the skin surface that are dyed by the fake tanning solution. For exfoliation, you may use a shop bought exfoliant or a natural exfoliant like sugar. Use a sponge, a scrub, or an exfoliation mitt to rub off the fake tan.

Ensure that you do not over-scrub as it may irritate and worsen your skin condition. You can use exfoliators to remove fake tan from the face, body, hands, and feet.

3. Take A Warm Bath Or Spend Time In A Steam Room

This step is usually overlooked as it does not take your tan off. However, it can aid the removal process. When you spend time in a steam room, the moist hot air opens the skin pores to loosen the trapped tanning pigments. This ensures easy tan removal without rubbing and scrubbing.

The same principle applies to warm showers or a relaxing warm bath. Before you exfoliate, spend some time in a steam room or shower to prepare your skin. This process is best for removing fake tan from the body and, to some extent, from the face.

4. Moisturise Your Skin With Baby Oil

Moisturising your skin with baby oil can help remove fake tan. It feels soothing on the skin and may reduce the intensity of your fake tan. Slather the tanned area with baby oil and let your skin absorb it for at least half an hour. Gently exfoliate while showering. This not only removes fake tan but also makes your skin smooth.

You can also use olive oil instead of baby oil to remove fake tan. This is a gentle and effective way to remove fake tan from the face, body, hands, and feet.

5. Lemon Juice Can Also Help

A few drops of lemon juice can help you get rid of your natural summer tan as well as your fake tan. Lemon juice has bleaching properties and is a common ingredient in skin brightening creams.

Dilute some lemon juice in water, baby oil or coconut oil and apply it directly to the tanned area. You can also cut a lemon in half, dip it in granulated sugar, and rub it as an exfoliator on the affected area.

However, using lemon can increase skin photosensitivity (as it contains vitamin C) and cause irritation. Therefore, use protection when you step out and limit your sun exposure. This remedy effectively removes the fake tan from the hands and feet. Ensure you avoid using lemon on your face as the facial skin is delicate and thin compared to the skin on your body.

6. Go For a Quick Swim In The Pool Or Sea

Water in swimming pools contains chlorine. Evidence suggests that chlorine may have an abrasive effect on your skin and can bleach it. So, after your trip to the pool, jump into the shower and gently exfoliate the areas to see all your fake tan fading away slowly.

Follow up with a moisturiser as the chlorine may dry out your skin. Chlorinated water can remove fake tan from the body, including hands, feet, and face. Salt in the sea has the same effect.

7. Remove Fake Tan With Baking Soda

Baking soda is abrasive and can slough away the dead skin cells from the skin. This may help remove fake tan from your skin. You can mix baking soda and coconut oil, massage the tanned area with the paste, and wash it off after a few minutes.

However, be careful while using baking soda on your skin. It has a high pH value and is highly alkaline. Do not leave it on your skin for more than several minutes, and do a patch test before using it. Also, avoid using baking soda on your face.

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