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It is just as important to prep, prime and maintain your skin as it is to find a good spray tanner. Your spray tanner could be the very best in the industry but if you haven’t properly primed your skin and maintain your tan, you wont get good results. So I have decided to break down the best products to use pre and post tanning and explain why you need to use them.

Prepping Your Skin

First off, lets discuss exfoliating and why it is crucial to a flawless tan. Our bodies shed dead skin cells, generally every month and all at different times of the month across the body. If you do not exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells before a spray tan then mark my words, you will go patchy.

I could spray tan you on a Friday (for example) and, if you haven’t exfoliated, your knee could shed dead skin cells on the Saturday, leaving you with a lighter patch on you knee! Not ideal I hear you say! DHA (the tanning agent in a spray tan) permeates the first few top layers of the skin. What i want to be spray tanning is fresh living skin cells and you want your skin cycle to be the same throughout the body and face. So if there is only one thing you take from this article, please can it be to exfoliate!

Bamboo Renew Exfoliating Body Scrub

This daily scrub gently foams, exfoliates, and leaves your skin lemony fresh and silky smooth. 1 week before your spray tan, gently exfoliate every other evening to ensure your skin is the best blank canvas it can be. This will ensure your spray tan application is even, smooth and wont go patchy.

Top Up Your Tan

Your tan could last between 5-10 days depending on the type of solution we use, and how well you look after your tan. Click here for your tanning prep and aftercare instructions. Your face always fades quicker than your body due to make up, SPF and cleansers. To enjoy your tan for as long as possible, its important to top it up with some really easy and hassle free product applications.

Gradual Rose Water Self Tan Mist

This lightweight and hydrating rose water, with tanning actives, allows you to top up your tan by simply spritzing on clean skin in the evening. Go to sleep and wake up with a gorgeous healthy glow. To intensify the shade, use daily until desired colour is achieved. 100% Natural.

Gradual Self Tan Lotion

This gradual tanner can elongate the duration of your spray tan by a few days. apply once a day to build up your tan to the desired shade. Non streak formulation, but do wash your hands afterwards. Not advised for the face!

Perfect Glow Moisturising Bronzing Lotion

Add a burst of sunshine to your skin with this shimmering, liquid bronzer. Its hydrating formula moisturises and smoothes skin for an even application and perfectly natural sun-kissed glow from head to toe.

Using a small amount, gently and quickly massage onto skin. After it dries, application can be repeated for a darker finish. Always wash hands after applying. This is not a gradual tanner, it is to be used as daily moisturiser.

Say Goodbye To Your old Tan

If you have regular spray tans, this is such a crucial step. If you come to me with patches of residual tan, you will not get a flawless tan. Quite often clients think they have removed all their old tan but the minute the new solution goes onto the skin i can see pesky stubborn old tan on the skin which, by the way, I can not cover over. It will show and you will look patchy from day 1!

For those who just get occasional tans, the biggest bug bear is when all of your tan has faded away apart from that one area on the elbow, arm, chest or where ever your personal sticky point is. Instead of harshly exfoliating and hurting yourself trying to get rid of it, simply apply the tan remover and buff it away.

Eraser Self Tan Remover & Mitt

The Sienna X Tan Eraser is a highly effective, intense treatment for correcting tan application mistakes and removing stubborn built-up tan. Apply directly to dry skin for the best results, while rubbing in circular motions to get rid of any residual old tan. Your skin will be primed and ready for immediate tan re-application.

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