Sister Sessions

Tackling real issues but having a giggle with it. Grab a drink and take half an hour.

Latest Session - Combat Stress Balance Cortisol and Boost Serotonin Levels

Join me @justjenniferbeauty and my sis @lovelisasinger for a 20 minute feel good chat covering topics that aren’t talked about enough.

Today we touch on the impacts of long term stress on the body and explaining the importance of balancing out cortisol and serotonin levels.

Life Balance

Talking about real issues and having a giggle.

Today is all about how to balance life coming out of lockdown.

So many people are experiencing anxiety and overwhelm with our fast paced lives. Hand reflexology and essential oil tips for managing anxiety and stress. Explaining the moon cycle and what this month holds for us all.

Join @lovelisasinger and @justjenniferbeauty on Instagram every Monday at 9:15am ❤️


Today we touch on ‘Triggers’. THINGS WE RECOMMEND (We are not paid for these)

An article about triggers explains what they are about and how to manage them.

An article about emotional triggers and how to combat them.

Great tips on how to process heavy emotions by @yourheartalchemist

A meditation that helped me let go of blame and anger.

We hope we uplifted you on your Sunday afternoon and hope to see you again next week!


Today we touch on control. See below the links to all the people/ brands we mention. Please note these are our personal recommendations, we are not paid to promote anyone.

@louisefletcher_art - for inspiration for how to free yourself up creatively

@trevornoah - such a funny comedian. Here is one of his sketches

Cilantro essential oil encourages the release of worry and control and helps gain harmony and peace from within.

Shaking off negativity and creating high vibes

Tune in to have a laugh and chat about techniques for keeping a high vibration. Grab a drink and have a giggle x

@monica_black_life_coach @jasonnaturalcare @pura.rasa

👆👆These are the people and brands we mentioned. Please note the following are our personal recommendations, we are not paid to promote.

Finally @duolabofficial Jennifer is a brand ambassador for. DM me if you would like more information of visit the website here

Introducing Jennifer and Lisa

une in to learn more about the fabulous woman behind the music from @lovelisasinger and the results from the prize draw of July’s competition.

It's Alright - 2nd single release is out now!

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